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The Green Tile Concept

It has been our passion to manufacture quality earth-friendly products for green construction thus the concept of Green Tile was born. Our tiles are developed with natural minerals that helps combat the effects of air pollution thus improving the air quality of our surroundings. Green Tile is unique because of the Aureole Technology that reacts to pollutants in the air. We use natural compounds that naturally react to gas pollutants and degrades them, leaving them completely innocuous.

Green Tile is not only for flooring, but also for outdoor use. And because these tiles are very durable, they can be used in public structures that people dwell in often such as plazas, pavements, roundabouts, hospitals, schools, airports, stations, and other public buildings. These tiles are terrific for indoor use as well and will definitely improve the air inside your home or office.  

Green Tile carries the unique and innovative Aureole Roof Tile that withstands extreme weather and temperature changes while reduces air pollutants such as vehicle emissions and other dangerous gas or chemicals lurking in the air. The Aureole Roof Tile compliments the Green Tile that can be used not only as flooring but also in facades and walls. These tiles do not only act as air cleaners, but also serve as fantastic shield against solar heat gain that makes a building’s temperature high. Being able to regulate the temperature with tile facades, consumption of electric energy is reduced as less air conditioning is required.

The Green Tile concept is to provide better options for people who are interested in saving money, conscious about their health and how the products that they use impact the environment. Made with sustainable, recycled materials, Green Tile with Aureole Technology is the intelligent tile choice for green construction.

Who says quality and durability is compensated when choosing eco-friendly products? This is very untrue because Green Tile with Aureole Technology and Aureole Roof Tile are the best eco-friendly construction materials for tiling because they’re highly durable and passes the standards of the experts in construction such as architects and builders. We have geared our products to be the go-to materials for sustainable and healthy living conditions, and we encourage everyone to build with earth-friendly, yet durable products that do wonders to the environment.

With Green Tile, you can count on us to help you have customized tiles for your special projects, or those building designs construction works that need intricate design and tailored tiles for whatever kind of surface that needs tiling. We can assist with design in facades, floor tiles, or wall tiles. If you have any project that would require specific arrangement or customized look for your tiles, you can count on Green Tile to help you achieve your goal.

For eco-friendly green construction tile products, Green tile will always be the perfect choice because it’s not just made with sustainable products and helps clean the environment, but it also saves you money because it’s very durable, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. That means you save more with Green Tile because it helps you cut costs in materials and in labor for maintaining, repair, or replacement.

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As a well informed and sensible home owner you would be interested in designing an environmentally friendly building.
Green Distribution has unique products specific for projects requiring sustainable building solutions.
As an Architect or Builder there are many reasons to build green - mainly resource conservation, energy savings and healthy living.
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