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Choose Green Distribution for greener options in construction. We aim to minimize the negative impact to our natural resources and wildlife habitats due to the manufacturing of conventional construction materials. It is one of our goals to promote having an environment fit for human habitation for the next generation. This can be achieved little by little, and we contribute to this advocacy by producing green construction materials that protect the environment, and improve the air we breathe at the same time.

Our Suntiles solar energy panels promote clean energy.  Our Virgin Carpet natural broadloom wool carpet is environmentally-preferable green and sustainable product.

These product innovations are complimented by our services. We offer healthier building materials that resonate to more comfortable and healthy living conditions for everyone. State-of-the-art, durable, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and earth-friendly: these are the benefits of incorporating Green Distribution products to your construction needs. Here are some of our services that complement our innovative products:

Services Offered


Aside from our Green Tile standard or customized ceramic tile designs, we also carry ceramic tile with inlayed wood that are sourced from rapidly renewable resources and are certified sustainable. In addition to our tile we offer green flooring products such as natural rubber, cork and wool flooring. Greener options related to laying tile and carpet underlayment, including cork, cork rubber, rubber padding and non staining grouts are available at Green Distribution.

Solar Energy

We carry solar energy panels to compliment Aureole Roof Tiles that clean the air. Solar Photovoltaic panels promote clean energy because the idea is to harness the sun’s energy to be used as a renewable source of electricity. Solar electricity is the most common use for solar panels but more people are now seeing the benefits of hot water supply that is also brought about by solar hot water systems.


We use materials made with post consumer recycled content for your sinks and tubs. We can insulate water pipes that reduce heat loss or gain in the pipes. Insulated pipes save energy as well as water because the water does not need to run as long to get hot water to a distant faucet, thus reducing hot water heating costs.

Tiles for Pools and Fountains

Green Distribution can help you with the design of your desired pool and fountain project. We can assist you in customizing specific designs for your pool and fountains with our special pool tile and drain fittings.

Plaster and Insulation

In order to better insulate your home, we provide natural plaster and renewable insulation such as cork, cotton, plant fiber, and wool to help you save energy by giving your building a relaxed environment and more comfortable temperature that would need less air conditioning or heating. With our insulated plaster, you are guaranteed of a better living or working space inside the insulated building. These are available in boards, battling, blown-in, and loose-fill types.


We can design DSF or rain screen facades using our Green tiles and fittings that are not only durable, but can provide insulation and air-cleaning properties as well.


Our Aureole roof tiles are the new breed of air-cleaning roof tiles that can outlast extreme weather conditions and environmental changes. You can count on Green Distribution to provide you with high level of workmanship and service.

Green Highways

The powerful depolluting property of our Green Tile system for civil construction is something that we take pride in. Our green tiles can reduce air pollution due to vehicle emissions on the roadways. Our green tiles can be installed in various civil constructions such as public highways, tunnels, toll booths, bridges, sidewalks, roadways, rail stations, and other public constructions that are exposed to air pollution.

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Home Owner
As a well informed and sensible home owner you would be interested in designing an environmentally friendly building.
Green Distribution has unique products specific for projects requiring sustainable building solutions.
As an Architect or Builder there are many reasons to build green - mainly resource conservation, energy savings and healthy living.
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