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Aureole Roof Tile

Aureole Roof Tiles from Green Distribution

Air Cleaning

Our tiles are naturally infused with precious elements that allow the roof tiles to clean the air while protecting your building against harsh environmental weather and extreme temperature. Pollutants such vehicle emissions, gas exhausts from factories, and other types of volatile organic compounds are turned into non-harmful gas with the help of our Aureole Roof Tiles.


These Aureole Roof Tiles from Green Distribution are low maintenance that self-cleans which is why choosing Aureole Roof Tiles will help you cut costs on labor, material, maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Anti-Mold Properties

Unlike other conventional roof tiles that collect mold easily, Aureole Roof tiles are resistant to mold and mildew which makes you secured from harmful diseases caused by mold and mildew. Roof tiles that harness mold easily loses its capability to perform well under intense weather conditions. Being mold-resistant means the quality of product is not easily degraded or diminished, making your roof tiles last much longer.


Green Distribution’s Aureole Roof Tiles are resilient and highly durable even against extremely harsh and inevitable environmental changes. When installed properly, our roof tiles can outlast and outlive other conventional concrete roofing tiles. 

Fire Resistant

The Aureole Roof Tile is fire safe because of its non-combustible properties making it resistant to flames. It prevents the spread of fire even if it is exposed to flames. Aureole Roof Tiles are highly recommended for construction projects that require fire safe materials due to high standards of fire-safety.

Sound Blocking

You can count on Aureole Roof Tiles to help block unwanted noises from external sources. Our roof tiles are great noise barriers that compliment well with our insulation board products that also cancel noise from outside.

Wind Resistant

Roof tiles are wind-resistant because they are heavy in nature. On top of being heavy, Aureole Roof Tiles can withstand the strongest winds brought about by natural calamities like hurricanes. With proper installation, Aureole Roof Tiles can be your best shield against the raging weather.

Naturally Beautiful

Aureole Roof Tiles are available in tasteful colors that will suit any of your building design needs. Our roof tiles age beautifully and take a very small effort and cost to maintain.


Don’t think twice on getting Aureole Roof Tiles for your next construction project so that you can help clean the air while adding value to your building or residence. Do you live in a polluted area? Check the quality of your air by visiting Contact Us  to see how we can help you.

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