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Welcome to Green Distribution

Green Distribution is a privately funded corporation, leading producer and marketer of building products. The company is focused on providing sustainable building products. Our products are used in several types of construction markets including : Heavy /Civil / Transportation (airports, train stations, terminals, travel plazas, rest stops ,toll booths, truck weigh stations , tunnels, bridges, road barriers,), Commercial (offices, retail outlets, gas stations, shopping centers, fountains and water features) Education K-12, Government (public projects, offices), Health Care Facilities , High Performance and Green, Higher Education ( libraries, performing arts centers, recreation facilities, research facilities, student housing) Homes (mixed-use multi family, single family, planned communities) Hospitality and Entertainment ( hotels, casinos, cruise ships theaters, resorts, pools, spas and restaurants) Native American and Parking.

Our Brands

Aureole Roof Tile A new roof tile that reduces air pollution
Green Tile Our floor tile and facades with recycled content that is low maintenance that reduces air pollution
Suntiles Solar energy panels
Virgin Carpet Natural Broadloom wool carpet an environmentally preferable product. It is green and sustainable.

Many companies say they are going green, but we didn’t have to go green because we started as a green company. In 2004, Green Distribution was founded out of a passion for green building and vision for sustainability and a concern for toxic chemicals found in building products. Our vision is to create quality products for healthier living and working environments while becoming more efficient in usage and project costs. We believe in promoting sustainability and being socially responsible – we promote socially responsible causes that help the environment, promote health and well being.

Environmental Responsibility

We partner with transportation companies that belong to the smart way program. The smart way program promotes higher fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions. Green Distribution proudly has products that qualify for the energy star program or have other third party certifications which promote sustainability, energy conservation and efficiency. We reduce our carbon foot print by purchasing and planting trees in our national forests. To save trees and reduce waste green distribution uses paper and shipping containers that has been sourced from recycled or certified managed forests and are 100% recyclable. Our marketing materials use post-consumer waste and are printed with soy-based ink. We encourage customers to request and use electronic catalogs instead of paper to reduce paper usage.

Social Responsibility

Green Distributions mission is to provide quality sustainable products that improve the environment and reduce product life cycle costs. Many of our products are produced domestically and are products that are only produced in factories that follow stringent safety and environmental standards. Our products are produced following current fair labor standards.

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Home Owner
As a well informed and sensible home owner you would be interested in designing an environmentally friendly building.
Green Distribution has unique products specific for projects requiring sustainable building solutions.
As an Architect or Builder there are many reasons to build green - mainly resource conservation, energy savings and healthy living.
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