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The Green Highway Concept

Transportation and manufacturing plays a significant role in our country, however, we all know that vehicles and factories emit dangerous or toxic gases called exhaust gases or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Exhaust gases from vehicles as well as from industrial fuel gas are made of compounds that are not only dangerous to our health, but are also the main culprits behind global warming. Let’s understand the importance of the Green Highway concept as we realize why is it very important to find ways to clean the air especially where exhaust gases are prevalent.

What is exhaust gas or combustion gas comprised of? Exhaust gas or combustion gas is made of nitrogen, water vapour, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and soot. Some of these compounds contribute highly to global warming also known as greenhouse gases, because they deplete the ozone layer of the earth. Cars, trucks, and other vehicles release toxic emissions that causes damage to the environment because these emissions are carried out in the air which can reach anywhere between your lungs and the ozone layer.

What other devastating effects do vehicle and manufacturing emissions cause to the environment? Aside from ozone layer damage, global warming, and smog problems, these emissions also cause problems to our water supply, destruction of our forests, and triggers many kinds of diseases and allergic reactions in the body such as asthma. In the United States cars and other vehicles emit 33 percent of greenhouse gas emissions while it accounts for 13% of the world’s emissions. It is only reasonable to find solutions that will reduce the toxic chemicals that we inhale in our bodies, causing serious damage to the human respiratory system. Carbon monoxide, when inhaled, inhibits the blood from normally carrying oxygen to the brain, heart, and other vital organs in the human body. Cars do emit nitrogen oxides that cause or triggers asthma, cough, and eye irritation. In general, VOCs are being related to the “sick building syndrome” which is a cancerous disease.

Carbon monoxide is a huge problem in the earth’s atmosphere and cars release 70 to 90 percent of carbon monoxide in the earth’s air. These greenhouse gases are the notorious causes of global warming that causes severe weather and temperature changes, creating a domino effect to our natural resources, wildlife habitat, and local community.

Being able to include products that help clean out the air from VOCs or exhaust gases will significantly help improve the environment and our health. This is the concept of Green Highways. Imagine roadways, highways, tunnels, and other places that cars frequently pass by. Wouldn’t it be great if these roadways and highways are built using materials that contain precious elements that counteract or react to toxic gases making them innocuous?

If the Green Highway concept is implemented in all places that are exposed to greenhouse gases, it can definitely help in reducing the world’s biggest problems in pollution. Green Distribution is very eager to help solve the problems in the environment through our innovative products which we believe could benefit everyone, most especially the environment and the planet.

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