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Be Conscious with Your Carbon Footprint. Calculate your Carbon Footprint Now.

What’s the significance of trees to humans aside from other obvious reasons such as wood, shade, and fruits? Trees’ existence help reduce the major culprit in global warming: carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Trees store and lock away carbon in order for it to produce its food. Being able to restore our rain forests can tremendously help our planet reduce greenhouse gasses that humans and other natural and man-made engineering produce. It is important to replant and regrow trees and forests that we lose because trees help clean the air in terms of absorbing pollutants like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, especially carbon monoxide and dioxide. In exchange of this, trees produce healthy oxygen that humans and animals need to live. Did you know that one mature and leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year? Planting trees can also contribute significantly to combating climate change by the trees’ ability to shade the ground and buildings. Trees’ absorb the sun’s heat keeping the shaded area 20 degrees cooler and reduces the heat island effect. This suggests that our biodiversity can possibly be back to its normal state if enough trees will be planted to support all living things’ need.

Why Tree Planting is Key to Carbon Offsetting

To simply understand how carbon needs to be offset, here’s the big picture: greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide serves as an insulating layer that traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere instead of the heat being bounced out into the outer space. The earth needs more “carbon sinks” that will trap more carbon so that the solar heat can be bounced out to the outer space again, thus reducing global warming.

Even little things that we do or use such as the simple use of your car to drive to your office everyday leaves a trace of carbon in the earth’s atmosphere. The carbon footprint calculator will help us understand the amount of carbon we are emitting into our planet’s atmosphere. Once we know the amount of carbon we can know how many trees we need to plant, or plant on our behalf to offset the carbon we produce. This will help us become “carbon neutral” in our daily living.

The carbon calculator will help each and every individual become mindful of their product purchases so they can switch to better alternatives. With our current environmental issues, it is best that we recycle and consume products that are made of or made with sustainable natural resources. Finding product alternatives that are more earth-friendly is a way of showing support and doing your part in our war against global warming. Carbon offsetting starts with our initiative to support products that do not produce greenhouse gasses, rather, fight greenhouse gasses in every possible way.

Be conscious with your carbon footprint. There are a lot more environmental benefits for all living creatures by taking part in tree planting projects, and supporting eco-friendly products. Aside from just planting trees, we also need to make an effort to preserve our planted crops in order for them to grow, mature, and be more beneficial to the ecosystem so that they can help reduce global warming. As part of green distribution’s initiatives we will donate a portion of our profits to plant trees. This will offset our carbon footprint from our corporate office operations and shipping.

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